All healing is the remembering that

you are already whole!

Are you ready for more from your life,
yet looking for direction on how to experience
your full potential?

Together we will find your empowered,
wise Self that is ready to feel whole!


I AM your Inner Wisdom Guide, intuitive, healer, meditation + stress management teacher, and a loving teacher. The core wisdom of my work is: “All healing is simply the remembering that we are already (always) whole.”

I come to you with 28+ years of experience with intuitive guidance and meditation, and have experienced the blessing of serving others in their remembering.

Are you ...

  • Ready for MORE from life?
  • Seeking direction on HOW to experience more?
  • Seeking reassurance that you are enough and that life is all going to work out?
  • Wanting to feel loved and taken care of, want to feel healing?
  • Looking for a soul-filled mentor who understands you?
  • Ready to unleash the absolute best version of yourself?

Let's work together.

What People Are Saying ...


"Patrick is spot on with is what happening in your life and knows the direction or changes that need to happen. "

- Lucy


"You will leave your session feeling loved and supported by the whole Universe. It is a very empowering experience."

- DS


"There is such a wise soul within Patrick that knows how to bring you the peace you may need for yourself."

- Jennifer

"My readings with Patrick always yield numerous insights into my life and present situations. He has a very gentle and humorous way of expressing the intangible, and is clearly in tune with the divine/source and universal wisdom. I would highly recommend a session with Patrick to anyone looking for balanced and loving guidance."

- Thad

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Keynote Speaker


It has been my privilege and honor to be a keynote speaker at many organizations, leading groups through guided meditation, Laughter Yoga, and stress management. I am available for corporate and organizational groups to customize a virtual experience for your employees, staff, board of directors, or customers. Contact me directly for a quote.

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