What People Love


My readings with Patrick always yield numerous insights into my life and present situations. He has a very gentle and humorous way of expressing the intangible, and is clearly in tune with the divine/source and universal wisdom. I would highly recommend a session with Patrick to anyone looking for balanced and loving guidance.

-Thad E

Patrick is spot on with is what happening in your life and knows the direction or changes that need to happen. He just knows. Not only that, he has a wonderful personality and sense of humor. A session with Patrick was exactly what I needed at the right time!

-Lucy L

I was lucky enough to meet Patrick through friends. I have had several sessions with him, and I keep coming back for more! I find him to be a calming and understanding influence. His gentle support and direction has been right on the money every time. He has a gift that begs to be shared. He brings me back to myself and reminds me that I have all the answers already, I just need to listen. The service he provides is so needed. Do yourself a favor and book a session. You will not regret it!

-Amy H

A session with Patrick is like having all the people you ever loved or who have ever loved you in the room with you and telling you how to have the best life you could live. It just so happens that many of them are your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides..working with your Higher Self. Patrick channels all of this Love and Wisdom while making it understandable and accessible to you. You will feel comfortable and at ease right away, and you will leave your session feeling clearer about your life and your power to shape it. You will leave your session feeling loved and supported by the whole Universe. It is a very empowering experience.


Patrick Sterenchuk

My first encounter with Patrick was for my sister's 40th birthday shortly after the death of our father. The reading was so personal and amazing that I had one for myself and gave sessions as gifts to several family members. My husband, a skeptic to say the least, was convinced enough by my descriptions to suggest we introduce Patrick to our younger son, Kyle. Kyle is significantly disabled and is non-verbal, but Patrick was able to connect with him on a level that none of us could. For those of us in attendance that day, Patrick gave us the most amazing gift. People still talk about it to this day! Fast forward several years later when we nearly lost Kyle. We were home from the hospital but he wasn't 100% healthy and for about a week or so I couldn't relax and trust that things would get better. Somehow Patrick's name entered my mind and instantly I felt more calm. Simply setting up the appointment brought me a sense of peace but after we met later that week I was able to relax for the first time in what felt like forever. There is not enough space to explain what Patrick does or who he is, he is just someone you must experience. Once he enters your life you will realize that you are a better person because of it.

-Brandie S

Patrick has been intuitive since he was a small child. Over the years, and through his profession, he has refined his skills so well that he is easily able to put his personal beliefs aside and is able to focus on the energy of you. When he reads for you, the intention he sets is of the upmost vibration. It’s not about fortune telling, telling you what you are doing wrong in your life, or telling you only what you’d like to hear. The intention he sets is to assist you in connecting with your higher self, so that you may receive exactly what is needed in that moment, the information your highest self wants you to know so that you may live out your most joyous life.

-Pam E

Patrick was the minister for my wedding and I can honestly say our wedding would not have been the same without him. Patrick, in his calm loving way, guided us to marriage with frequent meetings to check in with us and to make sure we were ready and comfortable. It was as if he knew when we needed his calming words because that was when he would connect with us for a meeting. The ceremony itself was beautiful, perfect, and full of love. It was personalized to my husband and I. A Patrick wedding is unlike any other wedding I've seen. It's truly an experience. Patrick goes beyond the call of duty, finding a way to fix any problem that may arise the weekend of the wedding. He became more than our trusted adviser but our friend through the process. Patrick has a beautiful soul and any time you have the opportunity to spend with him will change your life.

-Heidi H

I found myself unexpectedly pregnant with my 5th child. I was very nervous and scared and honestly unsure about becoming a mother again. At 12 weeks pregnant, I started bleeding heavily and was diagnosed with a large subchorionic hemmorhage. My baby was given a 50% survival chance and I was put on bedrest. Those first few weeks were physically and mentally painful and exhausting. I was scared, I couldn't sleep, awful visions flashed before my eyes, I had nightmares, I spent hours and hours crying. And I felt guilt. I felt that I had caused this event to happen. I can honestly say, that first 3 weeks was one of the most difficult and awful experiences I had so far. At about 16 weeks, I contacted Patrick. He came to my home for a session. Patrick was able to connect with my baby and connect to me. He was able to help me forgive myself and was able to help me connect with my baby in love rather than fear. He was also able to sense many guides that were surrounding and protecting me. He gave me wonderful suggestions to invite my baby into my heart and understood completely how scary that was to do. After my session, I felt settled and I had a deep sense that everything would be o.k. I gave my baby love and reiki as he taught me. I was able to forgive myself and trust my body. I was able to sleep and I found a place of peace during turmoil. I remained on bedrest and the hemmorhage eventually shrunk. I am now 31 weeks pregnant and expected to have a full term baby. I have been off bedrest now for over a month and am able to see the blessing in the aches and pains of the third trimester. I can honestly say that my session with Patrick was a turning point for me. Things improved both physically and emotionally. I highly recommend Patrick. He does and amazing work. He is amazing!